CKFC2411RDM 9.5" Casserole Dish Red

Designed and manufactured in Italy, featuring Smeg’s iconic retro design, this is a cookware range you can be proud to display in your kitchen. This low-sided 24cm diameter, 4.6 litre, Smeg casserole dish is is perfect for risottos, stews or fish steaks.

  • Non stick coating allows food to brown without sticking
  • Patented base allows use on all hob types
  • Oven suitable up to 250C
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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This casseroles dish has a 24cm diameter and a capacity of 4.6 litres.


The two stainless steel side handles designed with a large, ergonomic shape, ensure a comfortable and safe grip.


This low-sided casserole dish is perfect for preparing food where quick evaporation of liquids is needed, for example, risottos, or for dishes where food is cut into small pieces, like stews or fish steaks.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 41 × 17 cm

Product Specifications

Product description Casserole 24 cm Black with Lid
Product dimensions 134x358x254 (HxWxD)
Body material Cold-forged aluminium
Internal coating Non-stick PTFE
Capacity 7.7 litres
Base thickness 4.5 mm
Compatible cooking surfaces Induction, Gas, Ceramic, Electric
Oven safe Up to 250°C/480°