Liebherr is a world leader in developing first class, quality cooling and refrigeration technologies. Engineered in Germany, our innovative refrigerators are known for their advanced food preservation, flexible designs, temperature control, state-of-the-art energy efficiency, and family-friendly, easy to use models.

Despite our acclamations, Liebherr continues to develop and research possibilities for new refrigerator innovation. Hoping to not only meet, but exceed the standard of products we’ve set for ourselves, Liebherr’s engineers aim to create the type of product our loyal customers have come to expect.

Shhh . . . . can you hear that? We can’t.

They say silence is golden, but for us, silence is smooth stainless steel. Liebherr’s innovative refrigerators are known to be some of the quietest in the industry. So quiet, that if you place books in it, you may have your own—slightly colder—at-home library. Liebherr’s facilities test each new product in their professional sound chambers, where a series of microphones attempt to pick up any noise from the refrigerator.

This process helps us to ensure that we are providing you with a refrigerator that keeps its noise levels to a minimum, so that the next time your friends and family gather round the table for any occasion, the only sounds you’ll hear are the hums of laughter, the stimulating conversations, and the warm celebration.



We have officially entered the next generation of home refrigeration.

After 60 years of refrigeration innovation and expertise, Liebherr gives us Monolith. A soaring achievement in cooling technology, Monolith is the epitome of Liebherr’s innovation and expertise.

84” of top to bottom stainless steel, the Monolith takes German engineered food preservation to an entirely new level. Energy efficiency is at the forefront of this technology, followed by new advancements in innovative refrigeration technology such as: BioFresh-Plus, SuperCool (PowerCooling), and the SmartDeviceBox. Each of these new technologies takes into consideration the different temperature requirements for the many types of products you will be storing in your refrigerator.

The Monolith design combines Liebherr’s beloved and innovative temperature-controlled compartments, with this generation’s need for smartphone compatibility and control. Moving the forefront of innovation towards convenience and care, Liebherr’s Monolith refrigerator uses a SmartDeviceBox app that allows you to control the temperature of your refrigerator safe anytime, anywhere.

Liebherr’s innovative refrigerator technology enters the twenty-first century with flair. Combining technological genius and practical ingenuity, Liebherr’s InfinitySwipe touchscreen display, smartphone apps, whisper-quiet operation, and unlimited finishes, size configurations and décor-blending designs, have created a new standard for infinitely cool refrigerators.

We often measure style and good taste by the sleekness and panache of a well put-together kitchen. Acting as the centerpiece of your home; the gathering place; the provider; the celebrator; the monolith; the place where you congregate with friends and family to share stories and savour your time together, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. Liebherr’s Monolith is designed to inspire awe and integrate seamlessly into your kitchen motif—today, tomorrow and for years to come.


High quality is our standard

Did you know that there are a set of both international and national standards held to each appliance that enters your home?

Liebherr’s innovative refrigerators are produced under the highest international quality standard, ISO 9001. Not impressed by this group of letters and numbers? ISO 9001 is a standard based on a number of quality management principles. These principles include: strong customer focus, best management, and continual improvement. The ISO 9001 standard ensures that, when purchasing Liebherr refrigerators, customers will be receiving high quality products and services.

For more information on the ISO 9001 standard visit: https://www.iso.org/iso-9001-quality-management.html

Liebherr appliances are also compliant with the international environment management standard known as ISO 14001. This standard recognizes that each of Liebherr’s refrigerators are developed under specific approaches to inspections, communications, labelling and life cycle analysis, as well as any environmental challenges that may arise, such as climate change.

For more information on the ISO 14001 standard visit: https://www.iso.org/iso-14001-environmental-management.html


At Liebherr, we don’t rest, so that you won’t worry. Supplying our customers with the forefront of refrigeration innovation, our technology, our design, and our service is constantly tested and altered to advance our product line.

With the development of temperature-controlled drawers, and technologies such as SuperCool and SuperFrost, Liebherr has mastered the art of food preservation. By allowing consumers to temporarily lower the temperature within the refrigerator or freezer compartments from an app on their phone, Liebherr has placed the power of technology in the palm of its customers’ hands.

The Monolith, Liebherr’s most innovative refrigerator, can also be equipped with FridgeCam, an internal camera system that will take pictures every time the door closes. Liebherr’s refrigerator has adapted the idea of a “grocery list,” and has brought innovation and convenience to the shopper, who no longer has to search around for the scrap of paper which they wrote their shopping list on; they now have a visual list created for them, by the refrigerator itself.

Yet, Liebherr understands that an innovative refrigerator is not rated by technology alone. The Monolith can be customized from top to bottom to cater to the needs of each home. Taking in all considerations, Liebherr’s designs are a combination of beauty and practicality. Saying goodbye to the harsh lighting (and reality) of opening a refrigerator door late at night, our InfinityLight LED system casts an even and beautiful light that can be adjusted to each individual’s preference. We have also included a nighttime dimming feature for those who enjoy the midnight snack.

Taking it all in, Liebherr’s Monolith does not settle for beauty and technology alone. This innovative refrigerator is designed to provide the basics, the innovative, the plus, the sleekness, the formidable beauty, but also, the energy efficiency. Liebherr’s ActiveGreen® commitment assures that every refrigerator and appliance is built to last. It is also a promise that we will continuously work towards finding a greener way to produce quality, sustainable products. BioFresh technology and temperature control is just the beginning in Liebherr’s quest to provide the most energy efficient refrigerators to our dedicated consumers.

For 60 years, we’ve continued to develop fresh ideas, enhance food preservation, improve ease of use, and save more energy with our line of refrigerators, and will continue to do so for the years to come.