AEG’s Mastery Range Collection

Command Your Cooking... WIth AEG's Mastery Range Collection

Using intelligent technology that delivers exceptional results every time, AEG’s latest ovens combine smart and stylish design with unrivalled form, function and features. Check out the brands next level performance for everything a home cook needs.

Next level performance for everything a home cook needs. Offering limitless kitchen design potential, the Mastery Collection from AEG collection is not only luxuriously beautiful but amazingly flexible. Giving you the confidence to experiment and refine your culinary skills in the covered of your own home, these ovens seamlessly integrate to give you the flexibility to reliably steam, bake or grill.

Steam Function: Mastering precise results with steam has never been easier. The Steam function automates steam cooking through an intuitive user interface. Simply select the desired cooking temperature and the steam function will add the optimal amount of steam to match, bringing out the flavours and textures in the food, while preserving nutrients for deliciously healthy eating.

Command your cooking: With the oven‘s simple, intuitive Command Wheel, you have complete control over the cooking process to serve up perfection on a plate with every oven-cooked meal.

Whether adjusting the time, temperature, or function of your oven, you are in charge. With just a touch, the current cooking settings appear immediately on the EXCITE+ display for at-a-glance monitoring of your meal, making adjustments exact and precise.

Restaurant-quality results at home: With AEG oven technology, Sous Vide culinary techniques used by professional chefs can be mastered. Sous Vide cooking delivers perfect, delicious, and consistent results in meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables, bringing out optimum flavour and texture in every dish cooked, every time. It’s time to transform the way meals are cooked at home and enjoy restaurant-level results.

A skill set for every space

Whether you’re an accomplished cook or a novice, AEG’s multifunction ovens will let you master new flavours and cook up a storm in kitchens large or small.

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